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We asked James Miller, regular contributor to The Kopite , to do  a piece on how he sees the Clarets as an outsider….


Amongst modern day madness the Clarets continue to stay to true to traditional roots

In a time where the football on the field can often be the topic furthest away from the headlines, Burnley Football Club can proudly provide a sense of normality.

With a board stacked full of local born businessmen, I feel there is a real sense of understanding towards the culture of the club and it’s traditions.

Yet again the board, backed by majority shareholder Mike Garlick, have shown their commitment to the fans, freezing prices on season tickets once more. A move which ensures that loyal Clarets can be welcomed to a friendly and affordable setting at Turf Moor.

Their approach hasn’t always been backed by fans I believe, several seemingly unsettled with the lack of activity in the transfer market and also the refusal to splash the cash.

Admittingly, it can be frustrating watching on as clubs with far lesser history such as Bournemouth blow the Clarets out of the water financially in terms of recruiting players. Burnley at present still have a transfer record of approximately £15 million, paid for both Chris Wood and Ben Gibson. However, in some respects it should be admired that the club adopt a realistic approach in what has become a frightening period for modern day football.

The game which was once thought of as a ‘working class’ sport is now on it’s way to pricing out the working class people. Astronomical fees continue to rise, in all aspects and it was only last week that a second teenager in João Felix, moved for over £100 million following on from Kylian Mbappe.

It can often be easy to forget the positives when a negative appears to override them, but the work Garlick and Co have done should genuinely be respected. The club are debt free and will soon be enjoying a fourth successive campaign in England’s top flight, having been promoted from the Championship in the 2015/16 season.

Obviously, in an ideal world Garlick would go out, sign Lionel Messi, Burnley win the Premier League and Ben Mee wins the Ballon d’OR, but there has to be a sense of realism. The club are working adequately, within their means and continue to represent Burnley in good fashion, refusing to rise to the obscenity of world football.

Another thing to point too is the encouragement the club show towards home-grown players and providing opportunities. It could be argued that looking overseas would be a more beneficial approach, never the less the club continue to adopt a great balance when recruiting.

While a lot of current clubs seek immediate success, Sean Dyche has been thoroughly backed in his attempts to create a close knitted squad, shown by the fact that five players involved in the Clarets’ final matchday in 2015/16 – which secured promotion to the Premier League – featured heavily throughout the 2018/19 campaign.

Regulars Tom Heaton, Ben Mee and Matt Lowton, all started the 3-0 victory against Charlton at the Valley. While to crucial members of the current squad were also involved in Burnley’s Premier League top scorer last season Ashley Barnes hand key centre back James Tarkowski.

The way in which everyone surrounding the club conducts themselves is outstanding and to think the Clarets were in Europe just last season, achieving great heights in a fair, whilst sustainable manner.